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Jan 25, 2018


New class of anti-cancer drug effective against kidney cancer

PT2385, a new first-in-class drug, was well tolerated and effective as a treatment for clear cel


Oct 13, 2017


Initiative Promotes Multidisciplinary Approach To Improve Rectal Cancer Outcomes

Hospitals across the United States can now apply to participate in the new National Accreditatio

Thomas Rosenthal

Oct 12, 2017


Large increase seen in breast reconstruction surgeries after mastectomy, especially in older women

The number of women electing to have breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy increased

Liz Meszaros

Oct 04, 2017

Brain tumor

Glioblastoma: A new treatment for this deadly brain tumor?

New research brings fresh hope of a new treatment for patients with glioblastoma, after identify

Honor Whiteman

Oct 04, 2017

Cancer-causing syndrome

New cancer-causing syndrome uncovered

Certain genetic mutations thought to be associated with a rare bone marrow disease may instead p

Honor Whiteman

Oct 04, 2017


HPV and cancer: Key mechanism may suggest treatment

New research from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., investigates how the human papillom

Maria Cohut